HR solutions

With growing business and expanding size, routine work in HR management occupies a large amount of corporate resource. To focus on core business, more and more clients decide to outsource the detailed and repeated routine work to outsourcing providers.

Randstad HR solution includes:

- Conclusion of labor contract with EW
- Handling EW enrollment, file transfer and dismissal
- Payment of social security and housing fund
- Payrolling and EW personal income tax payment
- Trade union and CPC Party members relationship management
- EW welfare security program designing
- Personnel certificates Issuance
- Personnel policy and legal consultancy
- Education background verification
- Processing residence certificate 
- Settlement of labor disputes
- ...

Our Strength

- Service network covering over 100 cities in China, which will support your business expansion across the country and realize one-stop HR management of employees in all regions;
- Our service procedure has achieved ISO9001 Certification, and monitoring system can effectively secure timeliness and accuracy of the service.
- Practical IT system supports not only operation of over 2000 national social security policies and regulations, but also the calculation of remuneration/bonus under different working system, Moreover, it also supports comprehensive control system of groups and subsidiaries model, and self-service inquiry on social security, housing fund, remuneration and other information by enterprises and EW;
- Experienced service team with professional knowledge and skills can assist you in properly handling affairs of routine HR management. Our professional legal and financial experts can guide you to proactively avoid emergency occasions and employment risks, effectively improving compliance of corporate management;

We provide one-stop HR solution to the following customers:
- A large foreign FMCG group
- A smart mobile phone manufacturer
- Several large state-owned banks and commercial banks
- Several telecommunication operators
- Courts, hospitals, institutes and many other public institutions
- ...

Case Study

A world leading FMCG enterprise started the cooperation with Randstad from 1999. With its rapid growing business in China, the enterprise receives more and more support from Randstad. The business size grows from 1 brand and over 300 salesmen in 4 major cities initially to the present 5 major brands and thousands of employees in over 50 primary and secondary cities across China (including beauty consultant, trainer, office clerks, etc.). Our cooperation expands from simple payrolling service at the beginning to current one-stop HR solution including recruitment, training, enrollment and turnover management, remuneration outsourcing and trade union establishment. Now Randstad has already become the HR strategic partner of this enterprise.

Randstad client service team are handling over 100 hiring & dismissal cases, dealing with 1000 employee payrolling, and issuing reports covering over 50 cities on a monthly basis for this client. Accuracy reaches 99.9%.