search & selection

Excellent talents are the key to success for enterprises. We deeply understand your expectation on placing the right talent on the right position at the right time. "The best match" can only be achieved after full consideration over your requirement as well as candidates. In Randstad, we interpret our understanding of Best Match with the 5C Theory (Competence, Cost, Career Goal, Culture and Chemistry).

To achieve Best Match, Randstad search & selection is dedicated to the recruitment of highly qualified professionals for industry-oriented sectors. Meanwhile we search and select appropriate candidates for you through up-to-date database and professional service procedures. So far, we focus on the following industries:

- Finance (banking, insurance, securities, fund, trust, future, venture capital and private equity investment)
- Technology (computer hardware, software services, e-commerce, Internet, telecom, as well as electrical and electronic)
- Manufacturing (machinery, equipment, heavy industry and automobile)
- Chemical (Petroleum industry, chemical, metallurgy and raw materials)
- Consumer goods (food, beverages, cosmetics, clothing and consumer electronics)
- Service (professional service, consulting, real estate and retail)
- Life science (biology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices)
- Other industries

Our Strength

- Our consultants have average 8 years professional experience. We are experts. We are not only HR experts but also know well of your business. We share information on the latest industrial talents and remuneration information with you and provide proper suggestions towards talent attraction and retention.
- Behind "Best Match", it is our standard service procedure, which guides us in fulfilling every task including knowing our clients, searching candidates, arranging interview, follow-up actions.
- Our up-to-date database contains over 200,000 active professionals and mid/high level management staff, which ensures that we can offer a fast and qualitative match.

Our successful cases include:

- Project manager of investment banking department of a foreign bank
- C + + development engineer of a domestic B2C e-commerce enterprise
- Vice president in charge of procurement of a foreign auto parts manufacturer (China) 
- Quality control engineer of a state-owned large paper making equipment manufacturer 
- General ledger accountant of a foreign chemical enterprise
- Brand operation director of a foreign cosmetics company (Greater China)
- Financing manager of a real estate development enterprise listed in A-share market
- Prescription drugs sales director of a foreign pharmaceutical enterprise (China)
- ......

Case Study

A high-tech enterprise specializing in clean energy application started to prepare for being listed abroad after the third round of financing. After communicating with external investors and investment banks, the board believed that, the exiting management team needs adjustment and improvement for future development.

Since Randstad takes over the order, we conducted analysis on current status of this client: For an emerging high-tech company, it is particularly important to have good communication with the investors and win their support; meanwhile, due to strict requirements of overseas listing for financial compliance, the existing financial management model should be further adjusted, and these talents should be approached from the outside channel.

Upon the approval of the board; Randstad selected elite consultants from different teams and started a project team, and actively searched qualified candidates from all channels. After the final candidates list was confirmed, we involves in communication with candidates on potential risks, profits and career development in order to ensure a high degree of agreement among the enterprise, the investors and the candidates on future development. Key positions were all well filled within two months. Then, the timely replenished senior management team demonstrated outstanding capacity during IPO, which has won universal recognition from overseas capital market.