specialist recruitment services for jobseekers in China

With over two decades helping jobseekers match roles to their careers aspirations and goals, we have built a range of services, offerings and benefits to make sure the best available information and support is provided to candidates we meet.         
We understand that the most frustrating parts of job searching can be not knowing all the relevant information at the right time or not hearing from your consultant. Randstad's consultants go to great lengths to get a comprehensive brief from every client so we can give you all the information you need to do a great job or to shine at interview. Our consultants will also keep in touch with you so you feel comfortable throughout the process.

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Our specialist focus for jobseekers
As a jobseeker, taking the next step in your career can sometimes come with its challenges.

For the average person looking for jobs in China, it can be an exhausting and time consuming process. If you haven’t had much luck on your own, partnering with a specialist recruitment agency within your chosen industry can open more doors for your than you thought possible. This is where we step in!  Whether you’re seeking a temporary/contract job, or a permanent position, Randstad’s specialist recruitment consultants can help.