Today’s fast changing business environment forces enterprises to be more flexible to adapt to the change. However employers find it difficult to find right candidates to fill in a temporary position for business.

In Randstad, we offer customized staffing solution based on your demand and your expectation on labor flexibility and employment risk management:

- Headcount limitation
- Vacancy caused by pregnancy
- Vacancy caused by sick leave and injury
- Seasonal employment
- Project based staffing demand 
- Non-core business outsourcing

Our Strength

- As the core business of Randstad, staffing has been successfully operated globally for over 50 years. No matter what you need, we are able to find appropriate answers based on our service experience; 
- We has over 10,000 qualified candidates covering functions in finance, administration, secretarial services, HR, IT, call center, promotion, etc., who can timely fill in any position for you;
- We offer highly customized service to you on yearly/monthly/daily basis as you require;
- Our consultants research on your demand, your business in order to offer the most appropriate solutions to you; while our project managers are highly experienced in dealing with any emergency case.

We have provided staffing service to the following clients:

- Call center of a Japanese LCTV manufacturer;
- Over 100 promoters of a world famous cosmetic brand in over 30 cities;
- Finance, administration, secretarial services, HR, IT positions for serveral large foreign enterprises;
- Financial experts staffing for the global financial center of a multinational corporation;
- Seasonal promotion events for a world leading lingerie brand;
- ...

Successful Case

When a Japanese LCTV manufacturer launched its new products, the existing call center became overburdened. The enterprise was in a dilemma between limited capacity and potential idle time during off-season; meanwhile, it also suffered from high turnover rate. As a result, the enterprise decided to outsource call center to Randstad.

After analysis on its actual demand, we offered customized staffing plan to the company: On one hand, nearly 2000 qualified candidates were collected through our recruitment channels; on the other hand, our project managers were assigned to work out flexible staff shift schedule according to business fluctuation of the enterprise. Our effort has significantly improved both attendance of call center (from 68% to 95%) and the growth of sales and customer satisfaction. Therefore, the enterprise is able to maximize the productivity and make sure a smooth operation during both peak and off season.