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工作地点:上海 、北京 、苏州、南京、广州、深圳


  1. 根据客户需求,在市场上搜寻合适的人才;

  2. 与候选人进行面谈,并向客户推荐候选人的能力和素质,保证匹配成功;

  3. 积极联系客户,赢得新的订单,保证客户满意度。维护与客户的长期合作;

  4. 在相关行业/领域开发新客户;

  5. 带教团队成员并帮助团队达成业绩指标。


  1. 全日制本科或以上学历。同时欢迎具有海外留学经历的人才应聘;

  2. 5年以上猎头相关经验,同时欢迎具有制造业,金融行业,IT,化工,汽车、医药, 医疗器械,建筑,房地产,快消,奢侈品,零售等行业的销售、市场、人力资源5年以上经验的人才应聘;

  3. 英语听说读写良好,结果导向,能在时间压力下工作;

  4. 充满活力,具有团队精神,能在一个快速发展的环境中成长;

  5. 优秀的沟通技巧,喜欢与人交往,喜欢在团队中工作,并有一定的团队管理经验。

Senior Consultant/Manager


Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Job Description:

1. According to clients’ requirements, search for talents in the market and conduct interview screenings;

2. Conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates and recommend candidates' abilities and qualities to clients to ensure successful matching;

3. Actively contact clients, win new orders, and ensure customer satisfaction. Maintain long-term cooperation with clients;

4. Develop new clients in related industries/fields;

5. Teach team members and help the team achieve performance indicators.

Job Requirements:

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above. Talents with overseas study experience are welcome to apply;

2. More than 5 years of related experience in headhunting, and also welcome candidate with sales, marketing, and human resources in the manufacturing, financial, IT, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, construction, real estate, fast-moving consumer, luxury, and retail industries;

3. Good English capability, result-oriented, able to work under time pressure;

4. Full of vitality, team spirit, able to grow in a fast-developing environment;

5. Excellent communication skills, like to interact with people, like to work in a team, and have team management experience.

如欲求职,请发送简历至:hr. recruitment@cn.randstad.com