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2020-09-03    制造/生产  月薪:20000-30000



20000 ~ 30000


岗位要求:1.基本背景要求Essential background requirement1) Bachelors degree (or higher) in Engineering or related field学士以上工程或相关教育背景,优先考虑硕士学位2) Experience with at least one of the CAD systems/software (UG, Catia, ProE), Catia preferred熟悉至少一个CAD软件,如UG,CATIA 或 PROE,优先考虑CATIA3) Specialized course work to include basic body drafting, basic modeling/component design,and blue print reading.有相关草图,建模,零件设计及理解二维图纸的技能2.基本技能及工作经验要求Essential experience and professional skill requirement1) Target 8+ years of diversified component and assembly design experience.八年以上相关工程领域设计经验2) Demonstrated proficiency in currently utilized CAD technology for data file management,modeling,assembly, detailing, and GD&T.在建模及数据交换,装配,二维设计,GD&T方面有较熟练的技能3) Demonstrated proficiency with at least one of the following CAD software: Catia, Unigraphics,and Pro-E. Preference will be given to candidates with more than one CAD software capability熟悉至少一个CAD软件,如UG,CATIA 或 PROE,优先考虑会两种以上软件的能力4) Great knowledge of manufacturing and assembly processes.良好的生产制造及装配工艺知识5) Strong ability to coach others on design knowledge, including descriptive geometry or equivalent,in the development and modification of automotive components and assemblies.丰富的设计知识,包括几何建模或对汽车零件,总成等进行优化设计,并且能够指导其它工程师6) Communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.优异的英语沟通技能,包括口语及书面语言7) Great organizational skills and the ability to successfully coordinate and complete multiple taskswithin the department to meet established and changing deadlines.良好的组织能力,胜任跨部门合作,执行多任务模式,满足制定项目计划8) Knowledge of CAE is a plus优先考虑有CAE基本知识的候选人9) Knowledge of personal computer (PC) and Microsoft Office熟练使用常用的办公软件,如WORD, EXCEL及TEAMCENTER工作描述:1. Assigned to complex components and assemblies. Including programs with new customers or new requirements.负责相对复杂的零件或总成设计。承担新客户或新的技术要求的开发2. Engages in design and product development of automotive closure systems, including door latches andactuators, window moving mechanisms, door modules, and powered closures.负责Mechtronics部门所负责汽车零件的设计开发。如:锁,执行器,摇窗机,门模及电动系统零件。3. Able to provide technical assistance, guidance and best practice to juniors, self developing as needed有能力对新人或经验欠缺的工程师进行技术指导,分享成功设计经验,同时制定自身提升计划协助工程经理对新技术进行预研,对疑难技术难题进行技术方案建议5. Develops 3D CAD models based on engineering input. Designs and creates complete layouts.根据客户或项目输入,进行3D设计,能够进行总体架构规划设计6. Verifies requested changes are viable and incorporates the changes as requested.对设计变更进行审核,风险评估及确保更改涉及方的顺利导入7. Assists with verifying component integrity to correct proportional designs based on stress, speed,weight and other details.协助校对零件变更的潜在影响评估,强度,速度,重量及其它设计要素。8. Manages CAD data for assigned work based on program/customer requirements, give best pratice to teamon process and design knowledge完成自己负责项目的设计任务,同时给团队成员分享自己在流程及设计知识上的心得9. Improving existing CAD file management practices and individual CAD file data integrity and sharing with team完善现有零件的设计数据,提高各零件的设计完整性,并分享给团队10. Revises and modifies program drawings or data according to approved change notices or improving activities in team根据相应的ECN或部门设计完善任务,更改,完善项目图纸11. Creates program specific drawings and charts, as needed.生成项目所需的图纸,技术规范等12. Performs dimensional and tolerance studies and with engineering/manufacturing input, basic tolerancestacks, as necessary结合DFM的实际反馈,进行尺寸公差的研究与计算。13. Consults and collaborates with personnel in various engineering and design activities relative tothe product development requirements.在工程内部的各项目组成员之间,进行技术分享与合作14. Serves as a liaison to customer design staff and suppliers if placed in an off-site assignment.在与客户或供应商进行技术对接时,扮演技术联络人的角色15. Understands and follows existing policies, procedures, work instructions and standards andmakes recommendations for continuous improvements.根据对现有产品,设计标准,设计规范的理解,推荐持续改进产品的策略